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No wrong door

In these times the idea can seem over simplistic, trite, and insincere. We know that there is right and wrong, good and bad, black and white. It may, at times, feel counter intuitive to claim that there is no wrong door.

Effectively saying that what. we. know.

...isn’t quite the whole story. It isn’t really about what we know to be right and wrong.

...there is no wrong door...

In the community we are here to look after and usher each other along our paths. We’re here to offer advice, counsel and help to each other. We’re here to do this, not because it is our JOB, but because we believe that what we’re doing is providing the right door.

We don’t have to have all the answers. We have to be willing to seek the answers.

We don’t have to be able to solve every problem. We have to be willing to seek the solutions.

We don’t have to always see the destination. We have to be willing to seek the path.

As members of this community we all have an impact on each other. We’re here to shape the community as we believe it should be. We’re here to create an environment that fosters and encourages expression and honest dialog. Our impact isn’t limited by our JOB. From service to administrative to support we all are responsible for the state of the community.

..there is no wrong door...

We acknowledge that we are all human. With all the good and bad that comes with that fact. We are imperfect, but strive to be better. We acknowledge the path that has lead us all to this community, and all the doors that we have passed through to get here.

We have strode, we have stumbled, and we have fallen on our paths here. We can embrace our past failings while we work toward future successes. We can accept the path we walked, even crawled, while we learn to fly above the obstacles before us.

..there is no wrong door…

I am in this community. I can listen to and validate the concerns of others. I can answer, assist, and guide those seeking help in our community. I am in this community, I do not need to know everything, but I can know who to ask.

I make my door the right door. I choose to listen, guide, and help. What I don’t know, I can ask. I can find who in the community knows what I do not. I can guide others to the answers they seek without knowing the answer myself.

There is no wrong door.

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