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August 24, 2021

August 27, 2021

In the best of times self-care is important. It renews strength and vigor, sharpens insight and cognition, soothes and eases the heart. Self-care allows us to recover from stress and exhaustion, rebuilding interest and passion.


In the best of time…


...These have not been the best of times. We have all worked and stressed. We have all been stretched to limits we may not have know we have. We are all...tired, and listless.


Self-care is important, for communities as well as individuals. As a community we will occasionally need to recharge and recover, we can benefit from the process of introspection and redefinition.


In that light, Community Action Against Addiction will be closed Friday, August 27th to take a breath and refocus our collective passion and focus. We will re-open Saturday, August 28th.

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