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Guest Dosing

CAAA cannot enroll patients in our Guest Dosing program if they do not have a home clinic.

It is the home clinic that must initiate the Guest Dosing request with CAAA.

Community Action Against Addiction provides guest dosing services for clients visiting the area from other clinics across the country.  Here we are providing the process required to request guest dosing services to assist in making the process quicker and easier.

Preparing to be a guest dosing client at CAAA begins by the home clinic reaching out to CAAA Staff via email or at (216) 881-0765.  Our staff will work with the client and their home clinic to ensure that if we are able to provide the service, everything is in place and everyone is on the same page before the client steps through our door.


Please begin the request process as early as possible, at least 2 weeks in advance of the trip.  This will allow time to make sure all paperwork and needed information is submitted.  Additionally, if CAAA is unable to provide the guest dose service, for whatever reason, this time will allow the client and their home clinic time to arrange dosing with another clinic.  In the event of an emergency request CAAA will make all possible effort to respond quickly and, on a case by case basis, would be able to waive the 2-week lead time.  An emergency request does not guarantee CAAA will accept the guest dosing trip.


Setting up Guest Dosing:



CAAA medical staff will review the documentation and provide a response as soon as possible.



Things to expect when guest dosing at CAAA:


  • A urine drug screen will be required before dosing.

  • Methadone doses are capped at 150mg.

  • Duration

    • The initial trip is limited to 14-days.

      • If more time is needed the client needs to request an extension through their home clinic.

    • The maximum duration of a trip is 30-days.

  • Costs:

    • Urine drug screen: $10.00

    • Daily dosing: $25.00 per dose.



Upon arriving at CAAA the guest patient will:


  1. Pay fee for one-time urine drug screen (UDS),

  2. Provide UDS sample.

  3. Meet with medical doctor.

  4. Pay dosing fee.

  5. Receive dose.

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