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Our Role

CAAA understands that nearly five Ohioans die each day to a drug overdose. We are also aware that in addition to prescription opioids, heroin use has increased nationwide among men, women of most age groups and all income levels.


Our goals are straightforward and simple: Engage opiate dependent individual to treatment, help individuals transition from illicit street drugs to Medication Assisted Treatment, address their bio-psychosocial needs to reduce overdose, recidivism, poor health outcomes, drug related mortality and support them through a therapeutic process of gaining self-efficacy and long term recovery success.

CAAA takes this responsibility seriously as we partner with the Cuyahoga County recovery community to address the surge of opiate related casualties and bring healthy families together again.

Community Action Against Addiction

ASPIRES to Excellence

Public Health

Medication Assisted Treatment helps to significantly reduce the spread of infectious disease and keeps our clients and our community healthy.

Social Responsibility

Medication Assisted Treatment helps to bring families back together and helps our clients work towards living drug-free self sufficient lives.

Public Safety

Medication Assisted Treatment helps keep communities safe by significantly reducing drug related crimes and emergency room visits for overdose or drug related incidents.

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