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Community Action Against Addiction to adjust Clinic hours of operation. 

On December 19, 20222 CAAA expanded our Clinic hours to remain open and continue dosing until 6:00pm during the week.  This change was a 3-month pilot program to determine if clients would find this more convenient.  We have analyzed the attendance during this time and have determined that there was not a sufficient number of clients taking advantage of these extended hours to maintain them. 

CAAA recognizes that while this initial extension of clinic hours was not fully warranted, there is a need for some extension to our previous clinic hours.  As a result, on Wednesday March 1, 2023 the following Clinic hours will take effect:

  • Monday through Friday:  6:00am to 4:00pm.

  • Saturday and observed Federal Holidays:  6:00am to 12:00pm.

  • Sundays:  Closed.

Additionally, starting March 4, 2023, Saturday groups will be available at 6:30am, 8:00am, and 10:00am.  For more information, please contact Roben Watkins.

February 2023

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